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Joining requirements:

1. Love Bear Cubs Mourinho Mourinho and develop confidence in the future, with a willingness to long-term cooperation.

2. Good quality, sincere man, and have a certain marketing capabilities, and can get to the customer patiently explain and communicate.

3. store, could follow recommends furnishings or decoration store, so the store clean, warm and convenient customer pick, paintings and experience, no store who are willing to cooperate with the company in the form of events, store shops, multi-channel cooperation sales.

4. At the same time as long as three months, a total of up to 20,000 yuan getting goods, you can apply for the local (municipal) agent! The right to the free development of the franchisee!

Affiliate steps:

1. Contact our sales staff to understand whether there is a local dealer

2. OK, the sales staff to send election-related goods table, the dealer picking

3. The selection of goods is complete, the hair on the sales staff, and solicit their suggestions and comments

4. The comments and suggestions of sales staff, after the consent of the parties to negotiate, confirm orders, sales manager system alone

5. Customer payments (direct debit or Alipay secured transactions)

6. Finance for approval, under the arrangement single picking.

7. Delivery (company from reputation, safety, economy, speed, angle to the customer choose the logistics or shipping, courier)

8. dealer receipt, to become franchisees.

9. Every time replenishment, the company will give the customer-related gifts.

10. find any quality problems, you can contact the corresponding sales manager, our first time to solve your problem.

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